Two Glaciers (Part One)

In my last post I mentioned, our quilt shop Quilting From the Heart ( is a certified Judy Niemeyer Quilting Shop (  Almost a year ago Roger and I traveled to beautiful Kalispell, Montana to Judy Niemeyer’s Retreat Center for a fabulous 6 day workshop where Judy taught us to teach her patterns, just the way she teaches them.  She also taught us how she chooses fabric and talked about kitting her patterns.  In the process we both made a “Glacier Star,” quilt, the technique of the month quilt Judy designed exclusively for her Certified Instructors and Certified Shops.  In this post I will talk about my Glacier Star.  Stay tuned for next post about Roger’s Glacier Star…

Just 3 weeks before we left for Montana I had major reconstruction surgery and was really not up to choosing fabric until the last minute.  So the 1st day back to our store we had an event on in the AM.  Every time I walked by a small new collection of batiks I thought to myself, I love those colors.  So after lunch when the store got quiet, I piled them on the cutting counter and started looking for other fabrics that would go with them I made sure I found a range of darks and lights and a variety of textures.  Once I had more fabrics than were needed, I looked at the pattern and started deciding what would go where.  By picking more than I needed, I had lots to choose from.  Just before we left Judy contacted us and told us she had come up with an extension pattern to make Glacier Star larger, and could we bring fabric for one of our quilts to help her test the pattern.  So we picked mine to make larger. This is my quilt:

Now came time to quilt the quilts.  I choose mine to do 1st because as usual, when I piece a quilt I am constantly thinking about how to quilt it, so I knew how I was going to quilt mine. I saw this quilt as fireworks and tried to make the quilting imitate fireworks. In the center, I quilted flames in a metallic thread. 

In the green spikes I quilted the same design to create symmetry, but added what I thought of as fireworks in the background of the green spikes.  Then in the next row around that I added a swirly form of feathers that I have been working on, as they also make me think of fireworks.

Now the flying geese in this quilt I do not see as geese at all.  I see them as a frame around the star.  So I wanted to add a star like feeling to the geese so I choose a swirl effect to quilt into the geese and loops for the background, again the loops remind me of fireworks.

I love my Glacier Star; it is my favorite of all the many quilts I have made!

Next up was Roger’s Glacier Star.  To be continued….


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