Exploding Rain Drops!

Time to brag about my DH (Dear Hubby), Roger Kerr also known on line as QuilterGuy!  This wonderful man in my life is 6’2” tall- I call him my giant teddy bear!  He is a former football player, provincial college wrestling champion, teacher, and former dairy farmer.   About 13 years ago I innocently said to him I wish I could have my own store and his response was “Why can’t you?”  That’s my DH, supportive to the end.  He was involved in our store from the beginning, doing what he could while still farming full time.  About 5 years ago he was ill for a time and started quilting.  When we sold our herd id dairy cattle, 4+ years ago, he came to work full time at our store and has amazed us all with his talent.  He loves foundation piecing, and became a certified Judy Niemeyer instructor (http://www.quiltworx.com/teachers/) last summer, and Quilting From the Heart became a certified Judy Niemeyer shop (http://www.quiltworx.com/certified_shops/)!

Roger Kerr

Now to the point, I quilted another of his Judy Niemeyer quilts last week; this one is called Rain Drops.

Roger keeps telling me he makes quilts so I can play on them with my quilting!  Just the same I like to consider him when planning how to quilt his quilts, just like I consider the wishes of any customer. Roger loved how the bright circles “Popped” out of the dark background.  So when I was planning the quilting I kept that in mind.  Since he liked how they popped, I thought of explosions.  From that I started drawing on my plexi-glass and came up with an exploding effect, adapting a design I learned from Laura Heine to fit into the rain drops.

Roger also really likes metallic thread so I decided the center should have a little metallic thread in it.  I picked a blue one rather than gold, so it did not pop too much and distract the viewers attention away from the quilt.

Then I felt if I used a little of this thread in the Rain Drops, it needed to be repeated somewhere else, and it occurred to me I could quilt some little explosions in the dark background!  Both Roger and I loved this idea so I was off and running.


Now what to do in the rest of the dark background?!  I love the water background filler that I do, and have used it for sky as well and it seemed easy to work around the explosions and the Raindrops, so that is what I used.  We are both very pleased with the results.

Can’t wait to quilt his next quilt…


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