Luxurious Silk

The word alone brings images of luxury and beauty to mind!  One of the oldest fibers used by man, silk is still a highly valued fiber.  Recently quilters have been re-exploring this fiber as a medium for their art form.  And in my opinion, that when silk is quilted there is no other fiber that equals it’s beauty!!!

At Quilting From the Heart (, we have been carring  Dupioni Silk in collections of fat quarters as well as about 16 colors by the meter.  I have made a couple of lap quilts with it and love the results.  I do have a few hints for its use.  It does fray very easily.  There are a couple of things one can do to control the fraying.  I either fuse a very lightweight knit interfacing to the back or I cut it with a wave rotary cutter blade.  When pressing, test heat setting on a scrap before pressing your project.

As for quilting Dupioni Silk,  it is as luxurious to quilt as it is to look at!  I like it with a lofty batting, such as washable wool and a simple all-over pattern.  I also like to use a glossy thread in a color darker than the darkest color in the quilt.  By using a dark color, I feel it accents the shadow created by the quilting, adding to the amazing beauty that silk takes on when it is quilted.

This Silk quilt recently off my frame was pieced by my friend Susan Strong.

We choose a panto called  “Flames,” washable wool batting and a very dark red thread from Floriani.   I just love the sculptued look it took on….

Another little hint- silk frays very easily.  As I was quilting it, it wanted to continue fraying around the edges.  Rather than cut the fraying ends off, I tucked them under the edge of the quilt.  If I cut them off they seem to continue fraying, but when I tucked them under the quilt the fraying stopped!

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