Customer made this one for Lung Transplant unit….

Actually it was 2 customers. Judy had a lung transplant in January and Gail’s husband had a lung transplant a few years ago. Judy started this quilt for a fund raiser at the U of A Hospital. Judy was feeling very stressed about getting it done so Gail helped her. Judy ended up in the hospital with a infection related to her transplant and so Gail finished it. The fund raiser is this Friday, my 1st day back to work after 3 weeks away was Monday, so this was 1st up. I needed to get it done that day so they could get binding on it. I would have liked to do the whole quilt custom, but did not have time. On the plane ride home from my holiday. So I did custom on the appliqued flowers and did a large stipple on the rest. I am calling it “stippling with a special touch!” I like the effect and will use this idea again….

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