Inspired by…

We have been away for 3 weeks, to the UK on holidays and visiting our daughter who has been in the UK since August on a “working holiday”. We had a wonderful trip some time at our daughters, visiting her in her home and at work at Quilters Haven in Wickam Market, Suffolk. Yes, she is working in a quilt store and is loving it. She said she forgot how much she loves working in a quilt shop (referring to working at our store when she still lived at home). 

Before we went to see Kathleen we went on a 8 day tour of England and Scotland. It was fabulous, saw so many things and were amazed by the beauty and the history.

Salsbury Cathedral

Then Kathleen joined us back in Scotland to visit with relative of my DH. We stayed with Roger’s 3rd cousin near Galasgow and she treated us royally and toured us around the area.

Culzean Castle

I was very taken with the architecture. So beautiful! And the iron work, I saw so many quilting pattern in iron gates and fencing!  On the flight home I started sketching turning the ideas in my photos from iron work designs to quilting patterns…

Final Draft

So, time will tell if I actually use this design, but it was so fun going through the process!  And best part, I have 1500 pictures for inspiration….. 🙂


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