Ribbon Wave….

Yesterday I talked about Swirlz and how much I love them.  As promised today I quilted with another Circle Lord board, the Wave/Zig Zag board.  This board has a pin and holes that allow you to shift the board and repeat the pattern.  I find I use the waves (shifted 2 holes) frequently.  I like to call the pattern this makes, Ribbon Waves.  It looks very much like a ribbon and has a lovely effect on many quilts.  Today’s quilt made by customer and friend Janice Steiner (Pictured above), the pattern ran horizontally across the quilt. This is the 1st time I have run it horizontally.  I usually run it vertically and it gives a very interesting effect.  I especially like it on French braid and Bargello quilts, but looks great on a lot of other quilts too. Pictured below are a others I have done.

Piece by Liz Maki

Pieced by Lillyon Lunty

Pieced by Roger Kerr


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