Quilts for a cause…

Quilting From the Heart, the quilt shop my husband and I own, hosts a quilting retreat twice a year, in the spring and in the fall.  For many years now, I send each participant a piece of fabric and challenge them to make a block with the fabric.  They then donate the blocks to Quilting From the Heart.  My Mom takes the blocks and makes quilt tops, which I then quilt.  These tops we donate to Compassion House in Edmonton.

Compassion House is a facility in which Breast Cancer patients can stay while receiving treatment.  These women are from outside the Edmonton area, so are often there alone, at a very scary time of their life.  My friend Alberta Tritten made it her mission when this facility opened to make sure each and every patient receives a lap quilt to remind them they are not alone in their journey.  It is a big project and she receives help from many quilting friends.

The last retreat, our fall retreat, we collected enough blocks to make 3 quilts!  We have been able to make 2-3 quilts every retreat and are very pleased at the generous response our ladies have given to this project!


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