Hmm-mm, Which Thread Shall I Use?

Two quilts in a row, the thread I used had an impact on the quilting results.

The 1st of these quilts was Swoon (pattern by Thimble Blossoms), one of my own quilts.  I knew I wanted to use a panto called Daisies Galore, to accent the daisies in the fabric.  But the thread was baffling me.  With a lot of white space in the quilt, a black thread would show every hiccup in my quilting and I thought would be overpowering.  White thread would disappear on the white, and I felt there was already enough white.  Ok that only leaves one choice- yellow.  I like to spool out a single thread on the quilt to see how it will look in a single layer, like it will be stitched.  I tried several yellows but liked this variegated one the best.  I barely had one daisy quilted when I knew my choice gave the effect I was looking for- texture and just a hint of color on the white areas.  When I finished, I was thrilled with the results.

The other quilt was a customer (and very good friend), Susan Strong’s Urban Cabin quilt (pattern by Atkinson Designs).  Susan used a charcoal grey background, which is amazing with the Stitch in Color fabric collection she chose to use!  We picked a panto called Contempo and then turned our attention to thread.  I pulled a few from my collection, again spooling some off onto the quilt.  We chose a variegated thread with shades of orange, teal and green to pick up on the colors of the fabric collection.  When finished the thread seemed to give the quilt an extra spark.  We both were pleased with the finished quilt.

When I help customers decide how I should quilt their quilt, we often spend as long thinking about the thread as we do the quilting pattern.  I believe thread is a vital component in the end results of the quilting process.  And there are so many delicious threads out there to choose from…..


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