A Quick and Easy Way to Make a Perfectly Square Quilt Back

This method ensures each peace is square and exactly the same size, thus no puckering.

1. Start with a long piece of fabric.  Do not cut to length at this point! Do not remove any selvages at this point.

2. Square each end by tearing (in this case faster and more accurate than using your rotary cutter.

3. Have your pins handy and standing up, line up torn ends, right sides together, letting remainder of fabric drop to the floor.  (Selvages will be running perpendicular to the floor.)

4. Using gravity to help you, pinch onto both selvage edges on one side and slide your fingers downward 4”.  Selvages are strong enough to prevent stretching.  Place a pin at this point.  Continue sliding fingers down selvage another 4” and place another pin at this point.  Continue until you reach the fold.  Still do not cut fabric to length.

5.  Using a 1” seam allowance, stitch along pinned edge, backstitching the top edge, until you are a couple of inches from the fold.  Use your dual feed or walking foot.

6.  Pick up your scissors and snip the fold for about 4”.

7.  Finish stitching the seam, ending with a backstitch.

8.  Using the opening made in step 6 as a start point, tear the folded end to the other side.

9.  Press seam open.

10.  Make a small clip, ½” from selvages in seam and tear off selvages.  (Sometimes selvages shrink when the quilt is washed so you want to remove them)

If you need three pieces, before you start step 3, tear off a piece slightly longer than 1/3 of your length.  Proceed with steps 3-10.  Now add the 3rd piece in a similar manner, except it is already separated.  Now tear end of 3rd piece so it is the same length as the 1st two pieces.


5 responses to “A Quick and Easy Way to Make a Perfectly Square Quilt Back

  1. I am a visual person and haven’t quit got your written tute to where I understand it. I am trying to picture it in my head.(scary thought) but this is not coming clear. I am not getting where I am suppose to sew. and exactly what I am doing with the selvages with pinning every 4 inches.
    Just a dumb starteder

    • Let me start with what you are doing with the selvages. You are using gravity to let the layers hand naturally, thus not stretching one side or the other. Pin every 4″ so it stays that way while you seam this edge together. You are sewing the selvage edges, 1″ from the edge. Hope that clears up the picture in your head! Ask again if not….

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  3. What a great technique! Thank you for sharing!! However I’m a bit confused about adding the extra piece for 3 pieces. Do you tear that off the long piece? Selvage to selvage? Thank you for clarifying…. Picture would be great! Pamela

  4. Thanks for this info! I found this just in time as I’m about to piece a king size backing. I agree with the tearing method – one of my old school habits. The pinning every four inches should help me keep it together while I I get ready to stitch. I’m only 5′ 2″ (maybe less now that I’m older – lol), and I have a real problem with holding up the length of fabric for folding etc. King size for me is like reaching into my cupboards…. can never quite get to it!

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