Long Arm Quilting Services


I’d love to quilt for you! I offer freehand custom & heirloom quilting, as well as computerized designs. Want me to quilt for you? Give me a call at Quilting From The Heart – (780) 679-5492 or send an email to info@qfth.ca


2 responses to “Long Arm Quilting Services

  1. I came across your blog thru a link on FB this morning and have enjoyed reading many of your posts. I was in your store in June and was very impressed with it. I live in southern Alta. So had only been in it once before several years ago. I just met Bev Rinehart last week at Sparrow Studioz in Edmonton where we were taking classes from Claudia Pfeil from Germany. It was a very exciting week. I have a Lenni by APQS, and I have certainly enjoyed seeing your quilting designs and finished quilts. I will be following you and Bev from now on. I am interested in the Circle Lord template system, had not heard of that before, will have to check it out. Thanks for a great blog!

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