Blowing Wind….

This top was pieced by my Mom, Phyllis Holte.  She loves anything with horses, so it was no surprise that she picked this pattern, especially as the fabric panels were beautifully done!  So she asked me to quilt it for her and I said no problem.  Then the problem happened….

Ok, I put pressure on myself to make a masterpiece for my wonderful mother.  Mistake number one!  It sat in my to do pile for at least 6 months.  Mom asked about it several times and I finally decided I needed to get at it.  Time to ponder again… I asked Mom who it was for.  She did not know.  Clue number one- not that important to her.  Ok, so no mastepiece needed!  Whew…
  So I stared thinking about horses. I started brainstorming things associated with them in my head.  A hu!  I kept coming back to the word- WIND!  I have a panto called Blowing Wind!  So the decision was that easy, once I simplified….
  Next comes thread.  Again I felt the design’s main purpose was to give texture, not to take over so I chose a medium shade of brown.
  So the point of this long story- KISS- Keep it simple silly….Most quilts we make are for using and wearing out, as in this case.  So the quilting does not need to be a masterpiece!
  Mom picks it up tomorrow, I hope she agree’s….

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